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New Jersey Pregnancy Photographer

Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016  |  Maternity
Pregnancy is absolutely one of the most amazing things to experience! After having three beautiful children myself, it still blows my mind these beautiful newborn babies bodies are created in 9 months. What miracles! So to say it's an honor to photograph a family's maternity and their new baby, is just brushing the surface of how I feel about photographing this moment in time. It's absolutely beautiful.  
For me when creating beautiful maternity images I love to capture the emotion and miracle of this time in the clients life, but also to make the experience itself something to enjoy and one they will always remember. Let's face it in this 9 months of pregnancy mommies go through so much during this time. So when this beautiful mommy to be came into my Cherry Hill NJ studio. I had just the perfect choice for a maternity gown for her to wear. The end result, gorgeous photos to share with all of her family and friends. I am sure these will be save for many generations to come.  
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