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Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017  |  Children
I can't tell you the memories I had as a child about playing dress up. I remember I use to think I was one of the Disney princesses. I think every little girl does. Weather it is the little girls playing dress up of a princess like this beauty here. Or a little boy acting out other Disney characters like Peter Pan or Pinocchio (which I have to say was a favorite of mine).  
When this beauty was little I always wanted to recreate a mermaid. Maybe because of her beautiful red hair. So that is what we did we took the Disney little Mermaid and recreated it.  
Meet Ariel... And her little Dinglehopper....  
Thinking about creating Art with your Child. Weather it is Snow White for a 1 yr old cake smash session or another princess. Let Saje Photography help you capture that special moment.  
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New Jersey Maternity Photographer

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017  |  Maternity
I will never forget that day my beautiful baby sister texted me and said.. "I love those maternity photo shoots you do in the Milk Bath, do you think I would look great in a session like that?" It was 7 am in the morning mind you, and I had just woken up. I didn't understand the question so I picked up the phone and called her.. She repeated the question to me. I replied "Why would you want to wear a maternity dress for a milk bath photo?" I was puzzled...And just then it clicked... I am going to be an aunt... I should have said that my baby sister & her husband have been trying for years to have a baby and for years they thought it just couldn't happen. I am sure like many.. As soon as they decided to stop trying to get pregnant that is when it happened. I immediately started sobbing. I was so happy that my baby sister was soon going to become a mom. That she would be able to enjoy all the special moments that I was able to enjoy in life with three little girls. I think I cried for a whole 5 min.  
The moment I know she was pregnant I knew I wanted to capture her pregnancy though the months.. She is now 6 months and there isn't a moment that I am not ready to pick up a camera and take a photo of her beautiful glowing belly so we can remember this moment forever. It doesn't hurt that she is stunning...  
Boy do I wish I did this for myself when I was pregnant with my now 20,15,10 year old daughters. So I will live through her.. And the best part I will be an aunt of a little girl very soon.. I am the aunt of 3 handsome little boys but finally we get a girl in my family!  
If I could say anything to all you moms out there that are pregnant and thinking of getting pictures of yourself.. YOU are Beautiful. It doesn't matter if you can or can not afford a photographer, pick up any camera and remember these moments.. This will be your one and only pregnancy with this child.. Remember everything about it, the good the bad and the in between. Even if you take those photos and you hide them under a pillow. Remember these moments because when your children are grown they will never remember you for being heavy or any other hang ups that us women put on ourselves. What they will remember are the moments. The Love that you guys shared. Children love us unconditionally. We need to make sure to remember that as women.  
Thank you my beautifully amazing sister for allowing me to photograph you during this special moment, and I am not done.. Be sure to check back for more amazing images to come. This journey of pregnancy will be something you will never forget..  
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2016 In Review

Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017  |  News
As a New Jersey family, newborn, senior and child photographer, the start of each year often leaves me a little more unorganized than I hoped. While I have grand ideas of how to make sure I am always "on top of it" and start off the next chapter organized and ready to go, most times I am still taking, editing, and delivering sessions so I find myself always finishing off things from the year prior. I do make sure that even with the hustle and bustle of the holidays that people celebrate and the end of the year. That I always take some time with the family to just enjoy us to before the next year starts.  
2016 was such a great year for Saje Photography. Not only were we voted Best Child Photographer of Philadelphia and South Jersey by Philly Hot List, but we also had to pleasure to photograph 143 sessions. 48 newborns, 44 maternity sessions,16 cakes smashes/birthdays, 2 senior portrait session, 6 head shot sessions and 27 family sessions. I had several sessions with the same family, had many repeat families that I am honored to continually capture year after year and met so many new clients as well. But more than that, you all allow me to continue to pursue a job that is less of a job and more of a passion and THANK YOU doesn't see to be enough. 
From last minute changes, rain, snow and sickness, to photographing a Hair Salon Joseph Kenneth (Marlton NJ) with 18 employees at there location. As crazy as things could have gotten you all were so amazing and took everything in stride. 
Thank you, to all my amazing clients and families for choosing Cherry Hill NJ Saje Photography. I only hope I can continue to watch your families grow and capture memories for years to come. Let's make 2017 even better than 2016. Some great things are coming up for us and I can't wait to share them with all of you. But more importantly, I look forward to capturing more of your families, babies, and children for many years to come! 
P.s. Not all photos are show below. I just picked some of my favorites
Are you looking for a newborn photographer in Cherry Hill, New Jersey or the surrounding areas? If you have been thinking of booking a South Jersey newborn photography session now is the time to book. You still have time to take advantage of a complimentary 8x10 print for any maternity or Newborn sessions booked from now until the end September. Just mention this ad.  
Saje Photography studio is located in Merchantville, New Jersey. When the weather is good and at the clients request sessions can be made to meet at local parks and locations in all of New Jersey. To book a session with Amy email her at: or feel free to call the studio at 856-912-0731
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