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New Jersey Maternity Portrait Photographer

Monday, Sep. 5, 2016  |  Maternity
What a gorgeous summer maternity session! This beautiful couple drove a ways to meet at a park for their Maternity session. While looking for a New Jersey Maternity & Newborn Photography studio, they stumbled upon my website and reached out to me right away and decided to take the drive down to our Cherry NJ Studio. I was so happy they did..  
Pregnancy is such a special and memorable time. Becoming a mother, bringing new life into the world, 
is one of the most precious times in our lives. Through the morning sickness and swollen ankles, 
the aches and pains and sleepless nights... no other job on earth compares. It's both rewarding and relentless, 
and the most exciting thing you'll ever do. We'd love to welcome you into motherhood with a maternity portrait session 
celebrating this quickly passing season of life. These are your first moments of motherhood, and they are priceless! 
A professional portrait session is the perfect way to capture your gorgeous glow and intense emotions as timeless art. 
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New Jersey Pregnancy Photographer

Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016  |  Maternity
Pregnancy is absolutely one of the most amazing things to experience! After having three beautiful children myself, it still blows my mind these beautiful newborn babies bodies are created in 9 months. What miracles! So to say it's an honor to photograph a family's maternity and their new baby, is just brushing the surface of how I feel about photographing this moment in time. It's absolutely beautiful.  
For me when creating beautiful maternity images I love to capture the emotion and miracle of this time in the clients life, but also to make the experience itself something to enjoy and one they will always remember. Let's face it in this 9 months of pregnancy mommies go through so much during this time. So when this beautiful mommy to be came into my Cherry Hill NJ studio. I had just the perfect choice for a maternity gown for her to wear. The end result, gorgeous photos to share with all of her family and friends. I am sure these will be save for many generations to come.  
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NJ Maternity Photographer

Thursday, Jul. 7, 2016  |  Maternity
I know.. I know.. It sounds strange. But when you read more about them, you learn that not only are these soaks extremely beneficial to your body weather your pregnant or not. But they also make for some of the most beautiful portraits out there.  
And Cherry Hill New Jersey area finally has a Maternity Photographer that offers these timeless, amazing photos. What Better way then for a Pregnant mommy to be to get pampered with a wonder milk Bath and while doing it capture some amazing art.  
So This is the big question I always get.. What are Milk Bath Portraits?  
Milk Bath Portraits are just that a Bath that has milk added to it and we capture the beauty of the glowing mom or new mom with her newborn baby. It is such a calm and peaceful portrait that you cannot stop looking at them.  
What do you wear to a Milk Bath Portrait Session?  
You can wear what ever you want! While I do carry in my Cherry Hill studio select outfits and gowns that go great with these types of portraits. I don't this there is a specific limit on what to wear. I personally love the neutral colors. If you can't tell by my work, I seem to gravitate to them.  
I am so excited to do more milk bath photos this summer! I have to say this was so much fun. If you'd like to do a session like this of your own feel free to contact our studio at 856-912-0731.  
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Fine Art Maternity Beach Photography (NJ Maternity Photography)

Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2016  |  Maternity
The absolutely stunning Ashley meet up with me on the NJ brigantine beach for an outdoor, sunset maternity photography session. We have beautiful lighting, but honestly the real glow came from mama and her beautiful baby bump. Can you believe she is just about due with her newborn little baby boy.. I can't wait to meet him and photograph him.  
When this beautiful mama to be came on the beach.. I almost dropped my camera! She definitely made my job seem so easy and this sweet couple who are first showed up so nervous, by the end of the day we were laughing and joking so hard that it seemed like we knew each other forever.  
Don't we all wish we looked this good pregnant?
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NJ Pregnancy Photos

Monday, May. 9, 2016  |  Maternity
Are you just pregnant and thinking about having maternity photos? Here are some things to think about.  
First, pregnancy isn't always pretty. I know you may think I am crazy and think everyone in the world has to feel beautiful. Well I will say as a mom of three beautiful girls I was never one who enjoyed being pregnant. I had gained a lot of weight, swell up more than I think would be humanly possible and I always thought I resembled a large beached whale. It was just not for me I thought.  
Just thinking about taking Maternity Pictures made me want to cringe. Why would I want to remember that, I would always think. Just thinking about finding a outfit that would remotely look nice on me scared me to death. Not to mention this whole glow thing people talked about I didn't see. Nothing was glowing on me at all during my pregnancy. And all these women that I had seen on Photographers sites were all just to perfect.  
With the hatred of pregnancy photos of myself in mind. I told myself "these images I know I am going to hate, I would just suck it up and do it and put them away in a box for no one to see" I hired a professional photographer in the Cherry Hill New Jersey area and went to her studio. I remember my husband helping me thought my butter flies in my stomach. It was all a blur but I have to say I didn't regret it and neither will you. 
Now I look back and I am so happy that I didn't pass up on pregnancy portraits. I wanted to get through that process so quickly. I didn't want her to look at me big, or what I thought was big was all in my head. In the end it didn't matter. After having my beautiful newborn baby girl nothing mattered and the fact that I was able to look at those images once she was here to remember the time I took maternity photos meant the world to me. To know this little beautiful baby girl that my husband and I created looked just like me. Well when she came out she looked like me.. I don't know about now. HAHA!  
Now I say this all now because my three beautiful baby girls are not babies anymore, not even infants they are now 19, 15, 9. I cherished those portraits I was able to take at the Cherry Hill NJ Photography studio. I keep them in a special place and they are very dear to my heart.  
We don't realize before having kids that our whole lives lead us to this journey of something called motherhood... Something you will forever cherish and love when that tiny little new baby calls you mommy, your heart will be forever changed!  
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