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New Jersey Maternity Milk Bath

Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017  |  Maternity
A milk bath maternity session has to be one of my favorite things to do.. For me It's pure art at the highest form. I am so glad that this stunning mommas gave me the chance to do these truly stunning photos of them. We had the most amazing light streaming in through my bathroom window. It made it easy to get breathtaking photos of her. Fresh flowers, warm water and milk made these lovely momma glow. 
On top of creating stunning and breathtaking images, milk baths are so good for the momma to be's skin, making the skin soft and refreshed. Who wouldn't want that? It is also very relaxing letting the mom focus inward and enjoy this amazing connection that they have together. This connection of mama and baby has to be one of the best things of pregnancy. I remember being pregnant with my daughter and how amazed I was daily at the beautiful and natural bond we shared. As a photographer I am so very honored every time I am able to capture this bond for my clients. I believe that every mom-to-be is beautiful and stunning and deserves to have ever lasting photos of this wonderful time in their lives.
Yes I took it there with this beautiful Pregnant mama.. We have her in Gold.. She was going for the Greek Goddess.. Can I tell her how good her Greek food is too.
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