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South Jersey Twin Photographer

Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016  |  Newborns
Why do newborns tug at my heat? Why is every thing about a baby music to my ears from there coos to there cries. Newborn babies seem to always put a smile on my face.Then you put multiple Newborn babies in the mix and it's even better.  
I have the cutest by and girl twin photo session at the clients house a few days ago.. These two are just perfect together.  
These twin newborn babies are 7 weeks old and just way to adorable.  
Are you looking for a newborn photographer in New Jersey Saje Photography is located in Cherry Hill New Jersey area. If you have been thinking of booking a South Jersey newborn photography session now is the time to book. 
Saje Photography studio is located in Merchantville, New Jersey. When the weather is good and at the clients request sessions can be made to meet at local parks and locations in all of New Jersey. To book a session with Amy email her at: or feel free to call the studio at 856-912-0731  
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