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NJ Family Photographer

Monday, Aug. 1, 2016  |  Families
When I think of a family and family photos I always think of capturing moments that will forever will be special. You know the ones that you look back at and you say... Oh yeah I remember that, I even remember what made me laugh. How as a parent we could see the joy on our children's face. Or when I child try to make us laugh. 
When this Family met me at a New Jersey location with there beautiful daughter, cute dog and beautiful pregnant mom to announce there up coming arrival of there newborn daughter. I was ecstatic! Isn't this pregnant mom Just stunning? I wish I looked this good when I was even 3 months pregnant.  
Thank you T Family for coming out and allowing us to capture these beautiful works of art in your pregnancy reveal. I cant wait for the baby to arrive. Congrats.  
So I know alot of people ask, what do you do at these Family Portrait sessions? So here it is... I try to do my best not to make this like a boring JCpenny's photo session, you know the ones that when your done your photo shoot you want to poke your eyes out. I want our photo shoot to be like a fun play date. I try my best to help you feel as relaxed as possible. Then when the session is all done some kids are ready to come home with me because of all the fun we are having. Not even realizing that I was able to capture the essence of childhood. The beauty of being a parent and the love you have for your child.  
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