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Why I want to photograph you and your family

Tuesday, Sep. 15, 2015  |  Families
Having children have to be the best thing that has ever happened to me in life. I love all of my kids, but having my second child with health issues made me look at life so differently. I always loved photos but never to extent that I currently do.  
Because of not being about to be with my daughter for more then two weeks of her life I missed a lot of things. For the 1st month of her life her father had to do so much for her. I have made up for it since believe me! - I couldn't feed her myself, something I regretted for a very long time. Once I came home I could only hold her for a short time. I couldn't have to many visitors because I needed to heal and needed a germ free home.  
But as a result we also gained a unique sense of perspective. 
We didn't worry about the little things any more. We saw very clearly that there were things that truly mattered and things that didn't. 
Now, you might be wondering what all of this has to do with my wanting to photograph your family. 
Well! I saw, all too clearly, how quickly things can change. Children are only children for such a short time. We never know when we will leave there side. They grow so fast and all too soon the only record of how small they were is our memories and photos. 
Somehow I'm now the mother of a eighteen year old, fourteen year old teen and a eight and a half year old. How did that happen? When? They were so small not so long ago! Now my daughter is in college and talking about the life she wants to build.  
For a long time I couldn't look at the photos I took of Julia and I in the hospital. I would look at them and cry because I wasn't able to be the mother that I wanted to be to her. To be able to see all these other mothers sharing in the joyous occasion. At the time I didn't know if they'd be the only photos my daughter would have of me.  
This beautiful new camera that my husband got me was suppose to capture adorable shots of our new life with two little girls. Yes, the photos had a lot of medical machinery in the background,but that didn't change the fact that they were photos of this journey we were beginning together. This inspires me even to this day.  
And that is why I want to photograph your family. To capture the smiles and the personalities, the laughter and the memories so you can keep them forever. One day they'll mean even more than you realize.  
So Day they will be all your child has to remember us by. They will never look at that image and say "wow my mother was a size 12" Instead they will remember the memories and love you shared with them.  
So Give my New Jersey Studio a call. I will be more then happy to photography your family.  
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